8 Careers You Haven’t Heard of Yet

8 Careers You Haven’t Heard of Yet

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Updated May 5, 2023 Updated May 05

This article is adapted from the Top Grad School Guide 2016-2017, available to read online here.

Across the globe, demographic, technological and socio-economic changes are shaping the development of a new employment landscape, and the transition of the digital workplace of the future. As some traditional areas decline, new employment sectors and roles emerge.

The next few decades will see many entirely new job titles being created, and becoming mainstream career choices. In the absence of a time travel machine, here are some predictions of the most likely careers of the future…

1. Waste data handlers

Social media, blogs and web browsing are all generating enormous quantities of data – currently 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a year – that needs to be stored, managed and analyzed. Waste data handlers help with this by disposing of data waste in a responsible and secure way, which helps to ensure that identities and personal information are not compromised.

2. Avatar managers

The next in our list of the most likely careers of the future, students with an interest in programming might be interested in a role as an avatar manager. This will mean designing and managing holograms of virtual people, which will serve as personal interactive guides that can be used in settings such as a school classroom.

3. Personal digital curator

Personal branding is another growing sector in the workplace of the future, and you could find work as a personal digital curator – a specialist who recommends and maintains a unique suite of apps, hardware, software and information sources, curating the digital personality and portfolio of clients.

4. Elderly wellbeing consultant

Moving on to healthcare for the next of our careers of the future, ageing populations in many countries means there will be an increasing need for elderly wellbeing consultants who can help manage the health and personal needs of elderly people, using the latest medical treatments.

5. 3D printer designers

3D printing is another evolving industry set to transform many areas. Ideal if you want to work at the forefront of new technology, as a 3D printer designer you’ll create designs for products to be printed in 3D – from prosthetic body parts to bespoke household items.

6. Virtual reality experience designers

Virtual reality is predicted to become as much a part of our daily life as the internet and smartphones are today. This will open up roles for virtual experience designers, who will help to create a truly in-the-moment experience in games with the design of interactive 3D environments.

7. Remote operators

The continued development of automation means the roll-out of unmanned vehicles will open up demand for remote operators. Before long, pilots, drivers and ship captains could be sitting in an office, operating vehicles from afar!

8. Remote healthcare specialists

Back in the healthcare sector, other emerging careers of the future include ‘remote healthcare specialists’ – professionals who design devices and systems that can proactively track health issues, or who are involved in remote/virtual healthcare relationships with patients.

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This article was originally published in November 2016 . It was last updated in May 2023

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