5 STEM Degrees With Amazing Career Prospects

5 STEM Degrees With Amazing Career Prospects

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The fast pace of technological advances, from smart cities to cyber-security, means there’s never been a better time to pursue a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). There are plenty of job opportunities for talented graduates in a number of emerging industries, and studying the right degree or specialization at university can give your career prospects a real boost. If you’re not sure what to choose to study, check out these five exciting STEM study areas.

1. Data science

Working as a data scientist, you would be collecting and analysing huge amounts of data, ranging from IP addresses to web logs, to help a business gain a competitive advantage. You could expect to earn up to $125,400 depending on your location and years of experience, according to PayScale. Average salaries tend to be quite high because of a widening talent gap for graduates with big data skills. In fact, there’s a predicted shortage next year of 1.5 million managers and analysts with big data skills in the US. Doing a Master in Data Science for Business will equip you with technological, strategic and business skills and prepare you for data science jobs in the private sector.

2. Environmental energy

Like ecotechnologies, environmental energy is a growing field, with many new opportunities for graduates interested in using their management and technical skills. A report by the International Renewable Energy Agency said we will need to increase renewables to 36 percent of the global energy mix by 2030 to meet our Paris Agreement target of limiting the rise in global temperatures to 2°C. Studying Energy Environment: Science Technology and Management (STEEM) will give you all the expertise in engineering and applied sciences you need to thrive in the sector.

3. Internet of Things

From medical devices to watches, the future is digital, with lots of job opportunities for entrepreneurs, engineers and consultants with a passion for the internet of things. A Master in Internet of Things: Innovation and Management will give you the IoT know-how you need through the lens of law and regulations, management, communications, electronics, software systems and sociology. This particular master’s degree offers an entrepreneurship track, for students interested in joining the latest IoT startup or starting a business after university, as well as a strategic management track for anyone interested in working as an IoT consultant.

4. Smart cities

The largest 300 cities are currently home to 19 percent of the world population and nearly half of the world’s GDP, according to a report by the American think tank Brookings Institution. To accommodate fast rates of urbanization and preserve their environment, many cities need a sustainable economic strategy. If you are interested in math and economics, working with smart cities could be for you. A Master in Smart Cities and Urban Policy would provide you with a high-level understanding of how cities are changing in terms of things like economics, energy, and environmental policy through the lens of research and industry. You would then be expected to move into managerial positions in transportation, energy, environment, real estate and as an economic advisor in local government.

5. Cybersecurity

Stories of corporations being attacked by viruses and malware are constantly in the news with big lumps of money stolen in a single click and infrastructure pirated in a matter of seconds. Working as a cyber security engineer, you could earn up to US$130,800 depending on your location and years of experience, according to PayScale. Studying Cybersecurity: Threats and Defense will inculcate you with the expertise you would need to work in computer security and data protection. Among other things, you would learn how to adapt to new threats and find new defenses every day.

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