Film Studies Dual Degrees

Film Studies Dual Degrees

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Film studies dual degrees are a great way to gain an extra skill set – and you may be surprised by the wide range of options available.  

If you’ve got your heart set on a film studies degree, you’re probably already sick of people telling you this is a highly competitive industry, and that you should consider studying something more stable/reliable/traditional.

It’s true that the film industry can be tough, and most of those in the sector – even graduates of the world’s best film schools – will never end up on a red carpet in Hollywood.

So, why not get ahead of the game and give yourself an edge by taking a film studies dual degree? Having an extra set of skills could really help you stand out from the competition once you enter the fray.

Film and media studies degrees

This is one of the most popular combinations and, depending on the course, is likely to include a mixture of practical and theoretical learning.

For example, you might learn how to operate a camera, produce a radio or television show, and write for the news media.

More theoretical aspects could include looking at representations of gender, comparing media in different countries, or analysing relationships between media and consumer culture.

Add a bit extra: Look out for universities with particular fields of specialism. For example, at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), UK, you can learn about film and media studies with an expert focus on Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Film studies and modern languages

Whichever part of the film industry you’re interested in, being fluent in another language – and having an understanding of cultures beyond your own – could really give you an edge.

If you think English is the only language you need in the film sector, think again. There are thriving, exciting and fast-growing film industries all around the world.

Available combinations include film studies and French, film studies and German, film studies and Italian, film studies and Spanish, film studies and Russian, and film studies and Portuguese.

Add a bit extra: Many modern languages courses include an option to spend a year studying or working abroad. This is an excellent way of gaining an extra string to your bow – employers tend to value international experience, and you can also make some useful contacts.

Film studies and philosophy

This is a more common combination than you might expect. In fact, there’s even an academic journal devoted to film and philosophy, called (obviously enough) Film-Philosophy.

What can you expect from a dual degree in film and philosophy? This depends how integrated the subjects are, but usually the idea is to explore how films can be used to explore philosophical ideas (think The Matrix, Memento, Blade Runner), while also analysing films using a philosophical framework.

Get ready to challenge your own ideas about the role of the cinema, and its relationship to ideas such as democracy, personal identity and reality.

Add a bit extra: Film studies and philosophy courses can tend to have a more theoretical focus than other film studies degrees. Before choosing a course, check whether there are options to complete practical projects, and whether there’s the flexibility to take more film modules if you want to.

Film studies and mathematics

Ok, so this is a little more unusual, but not unheard of. Matt Stone, co-creator of South Park, graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder, US, with a double major in film and mathematics.

Admittedly, he was the university’s first student to hold this combination of majors – but it seems to have worked well for him!

You’re unlikely to find a degree program specifically offering film and maths, but one of the advantages of studying at a large US university – rather than a specialist film school – is that you can usually choose your own combination of majors and minors.

Add a bit extra: Find ways to put your specialist knowledge to use. You could end up writing a hit TV series like The Big Bang Theory, or setting up a consultancy similar to Hollywood Math and Science Film Consulting, which helps scriptwriters get their scientific jargon right.

These are far from being the only film studies dual degree options available. The important point is to start from your own interests, and research a variety of different locations, universities and courses.

That way you can be sure you’ll find not only the best film school, but also the best film studies course and combination to give you that little something extra.

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