How To Get the Most Out of Online Education

How To Get the Most Out of Online Education

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Updated January 27, 2022 Updated January 27

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Every year, a growing number of students choose to pursue their degrees online because they want to acquire new skills and they enjoy the flexibility and convenience of online education.  

Universidad de Palermo offers a new and innovative proposal for online education: some degrees are entirely taught online, while other courses are taught in a blended format.

But while studying off-campus can bring opportunities to your doorstep, there are a number of things you must do to make sure your online degree is a success.  

Pick a course supported by state-of-the-art technology

The best courses will incorporate a number of different online tools and e-learning platforms.  

Online learners at Universidad de Palermo have access to world class applied educational technology, and a number of collaborative tools to share with tutors, professors and colleagues and a mobile app accessible from any device.  

Customize your degree to suit your unique needs

It’s important that your online degree is truly flexible and customizable, so that it’s best suited to your needs, whatever your profile and abilities.

Some schools are better at this than others. The Education Lab at Universidad de Palermo is currently pioneering research into online education, applying the latest developments in the science of learning, which will enable students to customize and adapt their academic experience according to their needs, backgrounds, skills and learning styles.  

Universidad de Palermo also gives students the option to study online, on campus or to enroll in blended format degrees. For example, you could decide to spend the first two years of your degree online, and the remaining two on campus. You could spend the first year on campus and finish your degree online. Some students even study online in their first year, spend their second year on campus, transfer to a partner university for a semester, and then go back to studying online. There are as many timetables and modes of study as there are students.  

Know what’s expected of you  

Different online courses will feature varying levels of autonomy. Depending on your other commitments, either mode of study might be better suited to your schedule.  

Whatever course you end up on, avoid falling behind by staying organized, particularly if you’ve got a full-time job or are looking after family members.

Before you start the course, make sure you know exactly what’s expected of you and what to expect from your professor, so you can get a sense of your workload and how to juggle your different responsibilities.  

It’s important to plan ahead, so print out your course schedule and assignment due dates, so you can start working on upcoming deadlines as soon as you can.  

Get yourself a calendar and mark all important exam dates, deadlines and sessions and don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a good to-do list for all the tasks you need to complete each week.

Stay in touch with your professors and classmates  

Whatever your preferred mode of study, always stay in touch with your professors to get regular feedback and ensure you’re on the right track. Try to participate in online chats and group discussions with other virtual learners as often as you can, so you can mutually support each other.  

You are never alone on Universidad de Palermo’s online degrees. Class size is small by design, allowing for plenty of interaction with professors, tutors and more importantly, among fellow students.

Also, Universidad de Palermo’s active alumni network is a responsive community of high-ranking professionals and mentors based around the world, who regularly help and reach out to students. It’s a perfect resource for finding out about graduate jobs and networking sessions with industry leaders.

Pursue an online degree at Universidad de Palermo

Universidad de Palermo was ranked first in Latin America in the international students indicator of the latest QS World University Rankings, while Buenos Aires where it’s based has been ranked as the best city for students in Latin America.  

Universidad de Palermo has also been ranked among the top ten Business Schools in Latin America in the latest QS Global 250 Business Schools Report

Universidad de Palermo offers several online degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level, fully taught in Spanish, in online or blended mode, including degrees in Marketing, Business Administration, Accounting, International Business, and the MBA (blended), among others.

You can choose when and where to study, depending on your schedule and other commitments, and can access the e-learning platform from any device on the go.  

Classes are designed to encourage student interactions and participation, and you will be part of an online community of professors, tutors and distance learners, with a number of tools and resources at your fingertips.  

This article was originally published in June 2018 . It was last updated in January 2020