How a Scholarship Could Change Your Life

How a Scholarship Could Change Your Life

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Updated April 30, 2020 Updated April 30

Scholarships can change the course of your life, allowing you to study in other cities or countries and taking your life in exciting new directions.

Every year, Macquarie University awards almost AU$40 million in scholarships to students; in 2017 that included more than AU$5 million to international students. The Australian government provides extra scholarship support for international students who choose to study at Macquarie.

There are many different types of scholarships available and they vary considerably. Some are intended to help with study-related costs including textbooks and equipment; others cover the cost of living, including accommodation, tuition, relocation and travel. All are designed to help passionate, high-achieving students realise their study dreams.

While Singaporean Jasmine Mahindra Singh Kaur already holds a degree in mass communications, her Macquarie University International Scholarship is helping her reach her dream of becoming an advocate for early childhood education.

“I knew in my heart that teaching was what I was meant to do and receiving the Macquarie University International Scholarship enabled me to spread my wings and pursue my passion fearlessly,” Jasmine says. “It was a privilege to be handpicked for the scholarship and it motivated me to focus on my studies with renewed confidence while still enjoying my uni life.

“The lessons I have learnt at the Department of Educational Studies have been invaluable and eye-opening. The support, care and concern shown by the faculty members have not only made classes an enriching learning environment but also a place where students like me feel comfortable to share differing opinions and have stimulating discussions about them.

“I feel right at home with my classmates and have gotten the opportunity to have fantastic conversations with them, which allows me to learn from their experiences. Upon graduation, I want to work as an active advocate for early childhood education and help people understand its importance.”

[JASMINE D/O MEHINDRA SINGH KAUR, Singapore, Master of Teaching (Birth to Five Years)]

Choosing wisely

US student Cassandra Lynn Crone says when she was considering coming to Australia, Macquarie University came up in conversation everywhere she went.

“When I decided to start a new career in psychology and received a scholarship toward this degree, I knew this was the right decision,” Cassandra says.

“As an international student, it is beneficial to receive a merit-based scholarship not only because of the financial assistance, but also because it allows access to a network of like-minded, hard-working, dedicated peers. Macquarie University is a great place for collaboration and opportunity for those who seek it.

[CASSANDRA LYNN CRONE, United States, Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) with Bachelor of Human Sciences]

“Macquarie University is one of the best in Australia for psychology, and since I began studying this degree I can see why. I have been pushed to develop my skills in a variety of areas including writing, research, public speaking, and critical thinking while working to maintain a high level of academic performance.”

Cassandra says her PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) placement has been a highlight of her experience so far. “Students undertake a position in their industry in the real world, where they put theory into practice, and reflect upon how this experience will lead to a future career.

“Macquarie University provides many opportunities – academically, practically, and socially – which one can use to develop knowledge and skills for the future and build a network of experiences that can be tailored toward personal values, beliefs, and goals.

Giving back to the community

One student who has used her scholarship as a springboard to great things is Sumiya Sultan from Bangladesh. The former international scholarship winner and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) graduate was named New South Wales International Student of the Year in the higher education category.

The awards recognise outstanding contributions made by international students to communities across New South Wales. Sumiya was recognised for her outstanding contributions across a variety of initiatives that have added value to Macquarie and a number of communities. While she was a student, Sumiya was a driving force behind the establishment of the group Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) at Macquarie University, which aims to support women by providing them with a sense of ownership and importance in the sciences.

“In my first class there were only six or seven women, and I knew this had to change,” says Sumiya. She then established the group, which quickly grew. “I want to work towards empowering women to go out there and give it all they’ve got.”

Sumiya’s advice to students considering international study? “We have to remember we don’t just belong to one country. It’s our duty to go out there and serve the whole world, not just the country that we live in.”

[SUMIYA SULTAN, Bangladesh, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)]

Ivan Khizhnyak came from Russia on a European Scholarship and currently studies the Bachelor of Clinical Science at Macquarie. He says: “Macquarie University holds its hard-working and high-achieving students in high regard by encouraging their aspirations not only intellectually, but also financially. When a university shows great respect to its potential students, they are willing to reciprocate with great pleasure. Positive reinforcement encourages a student to preserve the same approach of tackling various obstacles throughout their learning curve and forms a winner’s mindset.”

[IVAN KHIZHNYAK, Russia, Bachelor of Clinical Science]

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This article was originally published in September 2017 . It was last updated in January 2020