Top 8 Reasons to Study Architecture, Fashion, Design and Art In Venice

Top 8 Reasons to Study Architecture, Fashion, Design and Art In Venice

Stephanie Lukins

Updated June 4, 2020 Updated June 04

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The city that defies gravity, Venice is full of hidden gems, from intricate canals to endless cobbled streets. Studying here means you’ll get to enjoy divine Italian cuisine, as well as a cultural heritage that’s beyond fascinating. It’s easy to see why the ‘Floating City’ is a huge hit with tourists and students alike.

Venice is also home to some of the world’s most famous artists, while its Venetian architecture is an inspiration to artists and designers all over the globe. So, if you’re contemplating the idea of moving to Venice to study architecture, fashion, design or art, let us tell you eight good reasons why you should.

Venice is a trendsetter when it comes to architecture, fashion, design and art

For hundreds of years, art aficionados of the highest caliber have left their mark on the city, including the world-famous Italian painters, Canaletto, Titian and Tintoretto, along with architect, Palladio.   

The city is overwhelmed with outstanding architecture and art and there are uninterrupted traditional links between the city and Università Iuav di Venezia, an institution that’s recognized widely for its excellence in an unparalleled city and dates back almost 100 years.

You’ll study at one of the leading design universities in Italy

If you’ve got a particular passion for architecture, you’ll be glad to know that this year, the Università Iuav di Venezia launched a brand-new, English-taught Master Degree Program in Architecture.

Having ranked third in Italy for architecture/built environment in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019, the master’s program is directed by Professor Fernanda De Maio, who describes the program as being inspired by “an international climate to build friendly competition, but also to develop curiosity towards different horizons, with students and teachers coming from different places.”

Università Iuav di Venezia is one of the leading public universities in the field of architecture, design, fashion, visual arts, planning and urban design, and was also voted the third best university in Italy for art and design in this year’s QS subject rankings.

You can foster your design expertise in a subject-specific workshop

Università Iuev de Venezia runs subject-specific workshops for its degree programs, giving students the opportunity to interact with world-class professionals and lecturers and work with state-of-the-art technology. 

Feast on Venetian cuisine

Of course, being an Italian city there’s no getting away from pizza and pasta here. Nor is it possible to resist indulging in Italian ice cream goodness.

Add those Italian staples to Venice’s notoriously excellent fresh sea-food cuisine and you’ll never want to leave the dinner table, let alone the city!

Experience a whole new culture

If you’re a big coffee fan, there’s one rule you should always follow if you want to fit in with the locals: never order a latte in the afternoon. Lattes and cappuccinos are considered a morning drink in Italian coffee culture, as they’re considered too heavy for afternoon drinking.

Second of all, soccer/football/whatever you like to call it, is big business in Italy. From September to May, it’s more than likely you’re going to find yourself sitting in a local bar screaming enthusiastically at the television screen along with hundreds of other football fans as you cheer on your local team. (Hint, if you’re studying in Venice, you’re going to want to support Venezia F.C.)

Don’t forget to dip your toes (more likely wading up to your knees) in the water at Piazza de San Marco at high tide. Make sure to also get involved with the spectacle of Venice Carnival which is famous worldwide for its elaborate masks and costume designs.

And if money gets a little tight, you’ll be pleased to learn there’s free access to all state museums and archaeological sites in Italy on the first Sunday of each month.

Learn the local lingo

Being able to speak multiple languages can only ever be a good thing, right?! Although English is the universal language of education, living and studying in the heart of Venice means you’ll be exposed to Italian on a daily basis.

Not only does speaking a second, third or fourth language benefit you when it comes to ordering a caffè espresso, or asking for directions from a friendly local, but prospective employers will fall at your feet when it comes to the inevitable graduate job search after your Italian education adventure comes to an end.

Learn to navigate the city’s network of waterways and neighborhood canals

We’ve already established that Venice is nicknamed the ‘Floating City’, but what happens when you want to make your way around the place?

Sure, you could try to navigate the maze of bridges and alleyways, but the city’s famous gondolas offer an alternative option. You’ll experience the sights of Venice in a whole new way as you cruise down the Grand Canal. But be aware, they can be pricey and gondola rush hour traffic is a real thing.

You could be awarded a scholarship

If our seven other compelling reasons weren’t enough to persuade you to consider studying art and design in Venice, perhaps the prospect of being awarded a scholarship can help?

Università Iuav di Venezia offers various scholarships and other funding opportunities for students, including tuition fee waivers. Study@Iuav is a special scholarship opportunity dedicated to international students.

“The low cost of the degree course and the scholarship options available are certainly another significant element of our commitment to offering those who love Italy and its cultural heritage an opportunity that is both qualified, sustainable and democratic,” says Professor Fernanda De Maio.

This article was originally published in August 2019 . It was last updated in January 2020

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