Indian Students: France Wants You!

Indian Students: France Wants You!

Sabrina Collier

Updated January 7, 2024 Updated January 07

France is aiming to more than double the enrollment of Indian students at French universities in the next three years. As part of efforts to strengthen its “strategic partnership” with India, the country aims to be hosting 10,000 Indian students by 2020.

Last year, France welcomed 4,000 Indian students. Although this number is 50 times higher than 20 years before, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault told Times of India that it is still “insufficient in terms of the quality of the relationship between the two countries”.

During his trip to India, Mr Ayrault launched the Bangalore branch of France Alumni, an online, multilingual network run by Campus France, which links past French international students with other alumni and job openings.

With trade between France and India reported at €8 billion a year, Mr Ayrault also commented that French president Francois Hollande and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are in agreement regarding the importance of higher education and student exchange programs in strengthening relations between the two nations.

Studying abroad “a guarantee of freedom”

Mr Alyrault also spoke more generally about the benefits of international study, telling Times of India: “Four million students studied in foreign countries in 2012. Around the world, international student mobility has become a major issue. This mobility is a guarantee of freedom.”

France welcomed a total of 310,000 international students in 2015/16, with around 43% originating from African countries, and 30,000 coming from China.

It’s not yet clear how France will set about attracting more Indian students. But for now, the message is clear: if you’re an Indian student interested in studying in France, you’re more than welcome!

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This article was originally published in January 2017 . It was last updated in January 2020

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