World University Rankings - Masters In Management 2019

Discover the top master’s degrees in management with the QS World University Rankings: Masters in Management Rankings 2019 .

Discover the top master’s degrees for business analytics, finance, management and marketing with the QS Business Masters Rankings 2019.

HEC Paris is once again the best institution in the world for master’s in management degrees, one of eight schools in the top 10 to retain its ranking from last year’s edition. As with last year’s table, HEC Paris performs particularly well for alumni outcomes, one of five indicators used to compile the ranking. More information about this methodology can be found here.

This year’s rankings reveals some interesting insights into what students can expect from a typical master’s in management degree. For instance, tuition is significantly lower for management than it is for the other three business master’s programs ranked this year. Students should expect to pay just an average of US$25,347. Management classes were also revealed to be larger than those for other subjects, with 86.5 students in the average class.

Interestingly, this low cost of tuition doesn’t seem to apply to US schools, where the average student can expect to pay US$51,086 for their degree. American students do, however, have the benefit of smaller class sizes, with just 39 students in the average class.

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