Online MBA programmes with highest work experience

Online MBA programmes with highest work experience

By H. Young

Updated April 20, 2021 Updated April 20

The Online MBA Programmes with the Highest Level of Work Experience 2021

The online MBA cohorts at Vlerick Business School and Durham University Business School have the highest average years of work experience among the global 2021 cohorts.

Released today, the QS Online MBA Rankings assess the online MBA offerings of 57 business schools worldwide. You can find out more about the methodology used to produce the rankings here.

Read on to find out more about the 10 business schools across the globe whose online MBA cohorts offer the highest level of experience in the field pre-MBA.

Online MBA Programmes with the Highest Level of Work Experience 2021


Business School

Average years of work experience


Vlerick Business School



Durham University Business School



University of Otago Business School



Naveen Jindal School of Management - UT Dallas



George Washington University



Jack Welch Management Institute



Warwick Business School



Aston Business School



Curtin Graduate School of Business



OBS Business School



7=) OBS Business School

OBS Business School’s online Global MBA has a standard duration of 12 months and is the fourth cheapest programme in the world with tuition of US$16,550. OBS was founded in 2006 as the first 100 percent online business school in Spanish.

The programme has a highly diverse class profile, with 40 percent female students, 96 percent international students and 14 years’ average work experience.

7=) Curtin Graduate School of Business

Kicking off our top 10 is Curtin Graduate School of Business’s CGSB MBA.

International students make up just two percent of the programme, with nine nationalities represented. Participants have an average of 14 years’ work experience, with students taking an average of 35 months to complete the programme. Since its inception in 2004, the programme now has 518 graduates.

Students can opt for the generalist MBA or study one of two majors: oil and gas (in partnership with Aberdeen Business School at Robert Gordon University) or leadership.

Tuition equals US$37,157.

7=) Aston Business School

Aston’s online MBA programme is designed in three phases: Aston Edge Futures; Aston Edge Reflections and Growth; Aston Edge Project.

Core modules on the programme are: Measuring and Enhancing Financial Performance; Creating and Delivering Customer Value; Crafting Organisational Strategy; The Global Economic Environment Designing and Managing Operations, Systems & Processes; Leading Complex Organisations.

Of the 167 students on the programme, 60 percent are international with 10 nationalities represented, and 35 percent are female.

Tuition is US$25,575.

7=) Warwick Business School

Next we have the Distance Learning MBA from WBS, the third-best online MBA programme in the world. The course achieved high scores in the employability, class profile and faculty and teaching indicators.

The Distance Learning MBA cohort of 930 students is diverse, with 14 years’ average work experience, 79 percent international students and 33 percent female students.

Warwick’s programme takes between one and two years to complete. It combines eight required modules, two “Warwick Weeks” on campus, four elective modules and a consultancy project. Fees for the programme are £34,150 (approx. US$47,000).

3=) Jack Welch Management Institute

The JWMI online MBA was founded by former GE CEO Jack Welch in 2009. The programme scored close to a perfect score for the Class Profile indicator. Students will learn business lessons from Welch, as well as from CEOs of companies like Berkshire Hathaway and Starbucks.

Students can complete the programme from 18-36 months, there are 12 classes (10 weeks per course), and you’ll only spend 10-15 hours per week per class. The JWMI emphasises that you can ‘Learn it on Monday, apply it on Tuesday’.

Tuition fees are US$46,200 for the whole course, with funding assistance also available. Of the 1987 students in the cohort, participants have an average of 15 years’ work experience, 18 percent of students are international, 67 nationalities represented (the third-highest number in the global ranking), and 51 percent are female.

3=) George Washington University

The online MBA programme at George Washington – ranked 18th globally – scored very highly for the class experience indicator.

Of the 355 students in class, 54 percent are female, 11 percent are international, and 15 nationalities are represented. Students also have an average of 15 years’ worth of experience under their belt (the second joint-highest in the overall global ranking).

Students may begin the program in the Fall, Spring or Summer semesters (August, January, or May). Generally, students will take six credit hours per semester. Students must complete 46.5 credits (34.5 credits in required courses and 12 credits in electives).

Since the programme began in 2004, the programme boasts 1105 graduates.

Tuition for the programme is $103,635 – the second-highest tuition in the global top 10.

3=) Naveen Jindal School of Management

Naveen Jindal School of Management’s Global Leadership MBA – ranked 16th in the overall ranking – scored high for class experience.

The programme – which was established in 1995, making it one of the oldest online MBA programmes in world – lasts 21 months on average. The class profile is diverse compared to other US-based online MBA courses: 43 percent of students are women, while 17 percent are international, but with a smaller cohort, it’s easy to see why.

Tuition for the programme is $53,000, and 84 percent of this year’s cohort are completely self-funded. Established in 1995 – with 444 grads to date – it’s one of the oldest programmes in the global ranking.

3=) University of Otago Business School

Otago’s online MBA programme scored a perfect score for the class experience indicator – one of only two online MBA programmes in the global ranking to achieve this alongside Macquarie Business School.

Ranked 13th in the global ranking, Otago’s online MBA cohort has 183 students enrolled this year, of which 38 percent are female, 10 nationalities are represented, and one percent is international. Students tend to complete the programme in 36 months.

For international students, tuition is NZ$59,709 (approx. US$49,951), but for domestic students its NZ$36,078 (approx. US$25,339).

Durham University Business School

Durham University Business School’s online MBA programme this year has 281 students. 53 percent of students are international, 24 nationalities are represented, and 29 percent are female.

Online MBA students are expected to spend around 15 hours per week to study. Online modules are delivered over a 12-week period, including assessments. Students will complete five core modules, two optional modules, and a Strategic Case Analysis. There are three pathways to choose from: Entrepreneurship; Consultancy; Technology. Students can complete the programme in two years.

Since its inception in 1998, the programme boasts 2,862 grads. Tuition is $32,815.

Vlerick Business School

This year, Vlerick Business School’s online MBA programme scored a 73.30 for employability – with the programme also scoring highly for the faculty and teaching indicator.

The programme is made up of 12 courses, a practical Knowledge in Action Project and an interactive game.

Vlerick’s online MBA programme has a standard duration of 24 months, but can be shortened to 12 or lengthened to 48 months depending on your needs.

Of the 76 students in the cohort, 40 percent are international and female respectively.

Total fees are €37,500 (approx. US$43,990).

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